Contractors Checklist

Questions you need to ask when choosing a contractor:

• Are you licensed and bonded in the District of Columbia and Virginia as a home improvement contractor?

Ask for their licensing number. Remember, a contractor must maintain business and home improvement licensing in each state in which they are conducting business. A DC license does not apply in Virginia – likewise, a Virginia home improvement license is not valid in DC. The David Mahoney Painting Company is licensed and bonded in DC and Virginia. Our license numbers are as follows:

DC License Number: DC5946
VA License Number: 2705100635
EPA National Certification: NAT-50531-2

• Do you carry worker’s compensation as well as public liability insurance?

It’s the law; and we carry both. Did you know that most injuries result from step-ladder falls rather than extension ladders?

Here’s What Happened…

In Maryland a few years ago, two men were working at a height of less than 20 feet when their ladder board fell. One man died and the other broke both of his legs. If the contractor did not have insurance, the homeowner would have been 100% liable for the accident!
That’s a painful lesson in checking for insurance coverage! If your contractor employs day laborers or sub-contractors, make sure they all have insurance.

• Do you offer a warranty or any guarantees?

A contractor who is confident about his work has no problem offering guarantees. The David Mahoney Painting Company offers a three-year warranty on all work performed.

• Does your proposal detail the specific work and time lines?

Be sure you’re getting everything for which you are paying. Check for accurate timetables and job descriptions. Also, the proposal should indicate what grade of materials will be used because there is a big difference in price and quality among paints. Regarding contracts, I say, “When in doubt, spell it out.”

• Do you have references in the neighborhood (DC and Virginia) whom we may contact?

Advertising in a trusted local newspaper doesn’t mean the contractor is reliable. You’ll save money and much more when you check references as well as inspect work which the contractor has already performed. David Mahoney can supply you with many satisfied customers you can call as well as former jobs you can actually visit.

• How many years have you been in business?

Like anything else, a contractor who has been in business a long time has the experience necessary to do a better job. David Mahoney has been painting for over 37+ years, and his company has been in business since 1996. David has a proven track record that he’ll be happy to share with you.