Beat the Blahs – Paint!

It’s a great time to update your home’s interior paint palette!

Changing the color of your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bath can brighten a room, give old furniture new life, and even redefine an existing living space. You can completely redecorate or just change the color her and there. Painting is a great way to bring in an entirely new look without a lot of fuss and disruption.

Paint and Protect

While it’s true that paint is a fantastic decorating tool, we tend to forget that the original reason for painting a home was to protect it against the elements. That goes for outside elements like wind and rain as well as indoor elements like… children and pets! Paint resists staining and damage from finger smudges, kitchen grease, as well as general wear and tear. Like taking your car in for a tune-up, repainting is a “tune-up” for your home that protects your investment.

In general most rooms need a new coat of paint every six to ten years. To keep your home in top shape, look around and ask yourself a few questions. If you say “yes” to one or more of the following, it’s time to repaint. Is the ceiling cracking, chipping, or peeling? Do the walls look grimy or greasy? Does the color look dull or filmy? Do you have any water damage on the walls or ceiling?

Choosing Colors

Once you’ve made the decision to paint, a contractor can help you decide what color and what kind of paint is best. Using deep, rich colors in large rooms makes them appear smaller. Using light, soft colors in a small room suggests spaciousness. A room facing north or east can be made to feel warmer using rose- or peach-tinted shades of white. Also, rooms facing south or west can be made to feel cooler with green- and blue-based whites.

Wallpapered Walls

If the area to be painted is covered with wallpaper, it must be removed first which can be a messy and time-consuming job. The walls must be washed to remove any paste or wallpaper residue. Only then can the walls be prepared for paint.

Latex vs. Oil-based Paint

The oil-based (alkyd) paints are used less and less for residential interiors and exterior painting. For most interior wall applications, a latex paint has many advantages. When painting trim, latex offers a finish that is non-yellowing. Latex also dries faster and can be cleaned up with just soap and water.

Whether you decide to paint the whole house, a room, or just a single wall, repainting will improve your emotional and physical environment. When done correctly, a quality paint job will bring enjoyment and increase the value of your home.