Title Painter
Location Washington DC & Northern Virginia
Job Information

Basic Function
To carry out painting and paint related functions as they pertain to specific jobs.

Organizational Relationships
Reports to Foreman, Field Supervisor & General Manager

Scope of Responsibility
As delegated by the Foreman or Field Supervisor.
Must efficiently carry out paint related duties in a professional workmanlike manner. To carry out tasks within timeframe prescribed by foreman and/or field supervisor.

Specialized Knowledge and Experience
Must have clear understanding of job-site safety. Must possess knowledge of products. Must have the ability to move and use ladders and power equipment (i.e. sanders, sprayers, 40′ ladders, etc.) Must have clear understanding of preparation procedures i.e. sanding, caulking, sealing, etc.)

Specialized Duties

  • Arrive at shop by 6:30 am or on job site at 7:30 am daily, unless otherwise specified.
  • Have a ftill set of production tools with you at all times.
  • Efficiently use and maintain 7″ & 9″ roller setups to industry standards.
  • Efficiently use and maintain brushes for both oil and latex applications.
  • Report any accidents or injuries to the foreman and/or field supervisor immediately after occurrence.
  • Work a full 8-hour shift five days per week with a half hour lunch unless otherwise specified.
  • Report to foreman with any quality control issues prior to commence of specific tasks which should wait until issues are addressed. (I.e., rotted wood, poorly prepared drywall, etc.)
  • Clean up tools and equipment at the end of the day.
  • Keep an accurate account of time on specific jobs via timecard.
  • Obey all company employment policies as found in employee handbook.
  • Work overtime when job scope of work and schedule require additional time.
  • Treat customer and other workmen with respect and dignity.
  • Must attend all safety production and management meetings.
  • Strive to uphold the standards of quality our company stands for.
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